Animation Overrider (AO)

… you gotta know this to make avatars!!

✯ ~ Animation Overrider ~ ✯ No building prims! No script work! Notecard editing! Make a fully functional AO! Class teaches functional use of creating an AO, applicable later for humanoid, creature and tiny AOs and scripted objects.

Tuesday– November 14 -> 9am & 5pm

9amDreams East Classroom 

5pm –  Isle Of Gazoo !!   ——-   new location !!!!

Friday-November 17-> 9am

9amHappy Hippos – Green Classroom


This class is the 12th class I ever taught in SL, it was on 11/30/11, then again at least on 02/13/13 at Happy Hippos.  I didn’t keep very good notes about when classes were taught in the early days and I repeated them a lot.

Get older classes! Four locations!

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Panda Talking Pet

Panda Talking Pet
Wear your panda pet everywhere!!

✯⁂★ ~ Panda Talking Pet ~ ★⁂✯  So cute!! Mesh and plain prims – very easy class, makes an adorable panda to wear on shoulder or head.  When done, the panda tells random jokes from a notecard. Scripting learners please note this is using the rare and puzzling dataserver event!    All materials and supplies included !!

Tuesday 9am – April 19 ~ Happy Hippos Classrooms @ Pandorus

Thursday 5pm – April 21 ~ 2016 Happy Hippos Classrooms @ Pandorus


History of class:

This class was taught for first time April 19, 2016 at Happy Hippos.

About the Sources:

I made all the mesh parts and the texture.  Panda jokes for the notecard were rewritten from all over the internet – just search “panda jokes”.

The script was modified from a SL forum discussion at

Learn to script or use them:

Either way, My SL Wiki page has free scripts.