Quick, the Time-turner!

Is this thing charged up yet?

See you next week – when we’ll have a new landmark for one class & perhaps other new stuff!!

But no classes this week, so sorry!!


Summer Vacation!!

It’ll be over before you know it!

I hope everyone has a super happy week-before-the-eclipse, and the week of the eclipse… See you again on 29 August & 1st September.

Heat Wave!!



Stay safe, see you next week!

Record heat is on its way to much of the West and Southwest this week.

Please take care of yourselves, drink plenty of water, stay out of the sun if possible, and visit places with air conditioning if you don’t have any at home.

Classes will be back next week.

Fall Break!

Do not teach!! Do not collect $L!!
Do not teach!! Do not collect $L!!

I got “the card” in the mail… I have to go show up crack of dawn next week.  Hope to see you all the week after that for class… watch this space for updates!


Credits:  Monopoly card (1936 edition) from scan of card in box. Extra doodles & photoshopping by me.

Spring Break!!

Spring Break!!
Spring Break!!


Due to last week’s major problems with connectivity … this week (March 22 & 24) is SPRING BREAK!!  Wish me a happy 9th Anniversary of Teaching in SL on 27th of March … at least one class a week (mostly more) with a couple short breaks here and there – more than made up for by double and triple teaching other classes!


Adorably cute image is from the internet!