Sorry, no class!

When you live on the only road between here and there in the middle of nowhere, sometimes unexpected things happen.  Sorry for no class July 9 but I’ll see you on the 16th!


OMG Dentist!

On the whole, I’d rather be in Philadelphia…

SEE you next week!! 

SNOW! … no class!

Extreme weather coast to coast, classes next week – don’t worry you won’t miss a thing… CU next Tuesday.  I will try to do the Friday Script class at 4pm if at all possible!!

Sorry to all who have to do this tomorrow… Stay home if you can.

Duty calls, again!

Do not teach!! Do not collect $L!!
Do not teach!! Do not collect $L!!

I won’t know if I have to show up until 8:30 Tuesday morning, August 14. So very unfortunately, class is cancelled!!  See you next week for our class on Particles Demystified.


Credits:  Monopoly card (1936 edition) from scan of card in box. Extra doodles & photoshopping by me.