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The Gumball Tipjar sends the tipper a puff-up Gumball

✯⁂★ ~ Gumball Machine Tipjar  ~ ★⁂✯    Mesh and plain prims make a realistic four Land Impact tipjar which gives your tippers a fancy gumball which alternates between being blown up and not.  All materials and supplies included !!

Tuesday 9am – May 10 ~ Happy Hippos Classrooms @ Pandorus   > 

Thursday 5pm – May 12 ~ 2016  Isle Of Wyrms !! @ Cathedral


History of class:

This class was taught for first time May 10, 2016 at Happy Hippos, but my first tipjar class was taught in late March 21, 2007.  And for even more class trivia, Class #1 was a tipjar on 10.28.08… there was a gap between when I started teaching and when I started saving classes.

I made the mesh parts, the sound  and gumball texture.  Cory Linden made the glass texture and Flea Bussy the gradient used for the skin of the machine.


About the Sources:

This is the first time for this exact class although various chair and sit target classes go back to 2009.

I made all the mesh parts and the textures.  The wood texture is based on “Atoll Planks” from the Linden Library, the Umbrella is a series of colored boxes with the little arc cut out on the bottom.

Learn to script or use them:

Either way, My SL Wiki page has free scripts.


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Drop Mailbox
Drop Mailbox

✯⁂ ~  Drop Mailbox V2 ~ ⁂ ✯ A big mesh upgrade to the 2012 class (first requested by Shady Fox).. now only Three LI when done including post & ground! When a notecard is added, the little flag goes up and the letter appears… oh and MESH mailbox, use anywhere for decor – Get ready for Valentines! … Materials and supplies are open permissions!

WHEN:  9am Tuesday January 19 and 4pm Wednesday January 20, 2016

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Simple scripts & help on my SL wiki page

I wrote a scripting tutorial… try it?