Valentine Balloon 2020

Valentine Balloon
Be mine… I’ll follow you anywhere!

~  Valentine Balloon 2020 ~Wear a magic bracelet. Touch it to get a balloon which follows you everywhere attached by Ribbon particles.  Get ready for Valentines!  Everything provided!   Particles 11: All particles classes stand alone!  Picture, location & all times 

Thanks to mccarp Mavendorf and mouseplay for the original scripts, to mouseplay for the textures and the idea to use the “rezzing bracelet” for the old Valentine Heart class that goes back to 02/08/12 and was based on the book about SL scripting but only sorta.

Thanks to Cacia Escape for suggesting the first iteration of this class February 08, 2012 at Raglan U.

Tuesday February 3, 2020 -> 

9amDreams East Classroom 

5pm –  Isle Of Wyrms !! @ Cathedral

Class History:

This class was taught 01/26/16 at Happy Hippos & now again 020320 at Dreams, Isle of Wyrms & Happy Hippos!

Particles 11 – never fear, all particles classes stand alone.

Get older classes! 

Learn to script or use them, my SL Wiki page has free scripts.

Author: Toady Nakamura

Grendel's Children designer & Second Life Educator.

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