Talking Parrot

You type, your parrot talks! Rezz two, have a conversation!!

ALL NEW!! ✯ ~ Talking Parrot Pet ~ ✯ with new Mesh Parrot! Has hover text over head – if you want, and will say whatever you tell it to say! Eleven textures, including three extras for decor! When done, including perch stand, the “prim count” is 3 LI! All materials & scripts provided!

Tuesday-August 28-> 9am & 5pm

9amDreams East Classroom 

5pm –  Isle Of Wyrms !! @ Cathedral

Friday-September 1-> 9am

9amHappy Hippos – Green Classroom


Last taught in 2014!! Three years ago!! But now it’s mesh, with all new textures !!

First taught 07/14/09 at SSW with two parrots actually doing the teaching; they came back out at Raglan U 11/30/11 & 08/01/12 !!

The class was taught again in a different version 04/28/14
at Raglan and Happy Hippos.

Get older classes! Four locations!

Learn to script or use them, my SL Wiki page has free scripts.

Author: Toady Nakamura

Grendel's Children designer & Second Life Educator.