Scripting Deterrorfied

Dozens of the formerly terrorfied have been successfully deterrorfied during this class!

✯ ~ Scripting Deterrorfied ~ ✯  This is the entry level, basic, primer class in scripting for people who have never had a scripting class – or who having had one are still terrorfied and in need of deterrorfication.  You will NOT be required to do anything except sit there and look cute – UNLESS you choose to modify scripts you will be given to see their effects. Up to four scripts will be reviewed and many questions will be answered.  Everything included !!

Three times … ~ 9am ~ 12:15 pm (afternoon) and ~ 5pm (all SLT)

Tuesday- March 7-> three times!

9amDreams East Classroom  

12:15 pmHappy Hippos – Green Classroom

 5pm –  Isle Of Wyrms !! @ Cathedral

History & sources:

This is the first time this class has been taught since Mar 24, 2014

My first SL – scripting lesson was with Foolish Frost in January 2007.

The first time I taught SL scripting was June 14, 2008, but my first formal SL script class was with Dorie Bernstein, November 25, 2008.  Learned a lot, LOL including “don’t hand out the teleport script until you want to use it!”

This class has been developed based on teaching my scripts #1 -> #8 more than 20 times from 2009 to 2014.

Buy older classes! Four locations! Script classes are never for sale!

Learn to script or use them, my SL Wiki page has free scripts.


Author: Toady Nakamura

Grendel's Children designer & Second Life Educator.