Turkey Tip Jar

Gobble up $Lindens
Gobble up $Lindens

 ✯~ Turkey Tip Jar ~✯  Gobble up the tips with this mesh and prim turkey tip jar with some really neat new textures and mesh parts!  Can record who gives you how much, count total donations… two modes of operation in case you don’t want to show last gift, and more!  All materials and supplies provided.  Four prims, one mesh… 3LI when finished.

Tuesday- November 1-> three times!

9amDreams East Classroom  

12 noon – Little London

 5pm –  Isle Of Wyrms !! @ Cathedral

History & sources:

This is the first time this class has been taught!

Buy older classes! Five locations!

Learn to script or use them, my SL Wiki page has free scripts.

Author: Toady Nakamura

Grendel's Children designer & Second Life Educator.