Random Butterfly Emitters

Random Butterfly Emitter
Random Butterfly Emitters, add as many butterflies as you’d like!

✯⁂★ ~ Random Butterfly Flowers ~ ★⁂✯ for home, garden or hat!  Five Prims, 1 sculpty & 4 tortured prims create a lovely flower that shrinks huge or tiny – emits random Monarch butterflies – can be worn or used in your garden.  The emitter is touch on/off, owner-only with how all that works clearly explained. All materials and supplies included!

Tuesday 9am – April 12 ~ Happy Hippos Classrooms @ Pandorus

Thursday 5pm – April 14 ~ 2016 Happy Hippos Classrooms @ Pandorus

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History of class:

This class was taught the first time 09/14/13.

About the Sources:

*The stem and leaves are plain prim.  I made the sculpt.  The textures are from free sources:

*Butterfly A texture from http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Danaus_plexippus_MHNT_dos.jpg

*Butterflies B, C, & D: http://png.bychuhe.com/tag/butterfly-png-image/ Images 6, 9 and 11

Learn to script or use them:

Either way, My SL Wiki page has free scripts.


Author: Toady Nakamura

Grendel's Children designer & Second Life Educator.