Lob a bit o’luck!

Four-leaf Clover Build Pic (tn)2

✯⁂ ~ Four-leaf Clover Tosser ~ ⁂ ✯ Only three prims – two the same.  It’s a great introduction to lobbers.  When tossed, the clover emits clover particles until it vanishes — if you hit anything it sticks!!  Includes open-perm supplies: scripts for humanoids and tinies, a sculpted 4-leaf clover and textures!

Tuesday 9am – Feb 16 ~ Happy Hippos Classrooms @ Pandorus

Wednesday 2pm – Feb 17 ~ Happy Hippos Classrooms @ Pandorus

Thursday 4pm – Feb 17 … 2016 Happy Hippos Classrooms @ Pandorus

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History of class:  Eric Linden wrote the popgun in inventory; all other SL weapons are based on this early code.

About the Sources:

With cropping, green haze and color/contrast correction.

clover particle


Author: Toady Nakamura

Grendel's Children designer & Second Life Educator.