First Grendel’s Avi featured in a blog in 2016!!

Flea’s tiny ghost was featured in by Helena Stringer !!

Tiny Ghosties by Flea Bussy
Flea’s tiny Ghostie and other new stuff piled up near the entrance !!

Thanks!  We love seeing photos of our avis!!

Author: Toady Nakamura

Grendel's Children designer & Second Life Educator.

3 thoughts on “First Grendel’s Avi featured in a blog in 2016!!”

  1. I’ve collected your avis for years. I often wear them when shopping all the events. My favorite is sneaking up on the fashionistas, wearing your dead goldfish. That one really makes they move out of my way fast, when it goes belly up.

    Most of the smaller avis are very low lag, so I find them great for the big events, when I don’t want to be invisible.

    They are great conversation starters as well, haha.

    Did you guys just start this blog?


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